Hello, I am a Mumbai based photographer working on various projects for span of 15-18 years.

Not somebody who was a fan of conventional routes, I decided to pursue my love for photography after completion of my applied Arts course from L.S Raheja, back in the year 2000. The advent of my career in photography began with receiving my first professional camera, gifted to me by my supportive parents. Right after this, I worked independently towards where I am today. With being a nonconformist, comes the great responsibly to succeed. Although hard work is important, I truly believed and applied the concept of working smart in all my endeavors. Ensuring quality work, coupled with sincere, ethical practices and fairly strict discipline, I turned my passion for photography into a career.

I have had the privilege to work with stalwarts like HyperCity, Godrej, Tommy Hilfiger, Tata, Home Stop, Nielsen, Fitch and many more. However, after this pleasant journey, I felt like I needed to embark on something more stimulating and challenging. Hence, the sabbatical I took in 2012. Since my sabbatical, I have started my other ventures. I ventured into my software business in 2016 and I have recently started my rental business in 2019.

Enquries: +91 9821426789 | 9004826789